Picture Perfect: How To Prepare For A Portrait Photoshoot

POV: you’ve just booked a photoshoot with your beloved local photographer. You’re in desperate need of some excellent pictures of yourself. You can’t keep posting selfies to the gram. You’re a full-grown adult now. Maybe you need headshots for your CV or maybe you just wanted to try something new. Either way, you’re booked in for a shoot in two weeks – what do you do in the meantime?

A photoshoot is a fun and unique experience that lets you showcase your personality and style. But before you step in front of the camera, there are a few things you should think about to make sure your shoot is as fun and effortless as it will look. From picking the right outfit to setting up a vision board, this guide will give you all the tips you need to show up and show out. So grab a pen and paper, and let’s get ready for your photoshoot!

Get to know your photographer

One of the most important steps in preparing for a portrait photoshoot is getting to know your photographer. Whether it’s through a meet up, coffee date, or a phone call, taking the time to connect with your photographer prior to the session can make all the difference in the final outcome. By getting to know each other, you can build rapport, establish a sense of comfort, and discuss your specific needs and preferences for the shoot. This will also give your photographer the opportunity to get a sense of your personality and understand what type of portrait you’re looking to achieve. Building a connection with your photographer is not only important for creating great images but also for ensuring that the experience of having your portrait taken is a positive and enjoyable one. So, make time to chat with your photographer before the shoot, and you’ll be well on your way to capturing portraits you’ll love for a lifetime!

Location, Location, Location!

In choosing a location for your portrait photoshoot, the possibilities are endless. If your photographer doesn’t have a specific location in mind, don’t be afraid to suggest one or even a few options that interest you. The location you choose can greatly influence the overall theme and feel of the shoot, so it’s important to choose a spot that aligns with the vision you have for your portraits. Consider factors such as lighting, background, and atmosphere when making your decision. And don’t be afraid to be innovative! Some of the most memorable and unique portraits come from shoots that take place in unexpected or unusual locations. Whether it’s a quaint coffee shop, a graffiti-covered alleyway, or a lush park, the more original your location choice, the more distinctive and captivating your portraits are likely to be. So, don’t be afraid to get creative with your location choice and you may just end up with portraits that truly stand out.

Set the mood (With Pinterest and Spotify)

It’s also important to think about the vibe and mood you want to capture in your portraits. While a talented photographer is going to come prepared with ideas and expertise, it’s always fun to collaborate and assemble a sort of laid-back creative brief together. One way to do this is by creating a Pinterest board with inspiration and ideas for poses, lighting, and overall feel. This can be a great tool to help you communicate your vision to your photographer and ensure that the outcome is in line with your expectations. You can also consider creating a Spotify playlist to listen to during the shoot. Having music that you love can help you relax and have fun in front of the camera, which will lead to more natural, candid, and spontaneous portraits. Whether it’s upbeat pop songs, calming instrumental music, or a mix of both, having music that you enjoy can help set the tone and enhance the overall experience of your portrait photoshoot. So, take some time to curate a playlist and let the music help you get in the zone and capture portraits that truly reflect who you are.

On The Big Day

When the day of your portrait photoshoot arrives, it’s important to make sure you’re fully prepared to step in front of the camera. One of the key things to consider is your clothing and appearance. Choose neutral clothing that won’t clash with your chosen location, or opt for outfits that fit the creative brief and mood you’re hoping to capture. If you’re unsure what to wear, ask your photographer for suggestions. It’s always a good idea to bring along a few different outfit options so that you can switch things up during the shoot.

As for makeup and hair, if your photographer doesn’t have an artist on hand, you’ll want to make sure you arrive feeling your best. Take the time to do your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Keep in mind that your goal is to create portraits that are a genuine reflection of you, so try to avoid going overboard with heavy makeup or elaborate hairstyles that don’t feel like you.

Finally, it’s essential to show up to the shoot in a good mood and feeling confident in both your photographer and yourself. Your photographer’s job is to help guide you and make you feel at ease, but ultimately it’s up to you to bring your best self to the shoot. So, take some time to get into a positive headspace, trust your photographer, and let your personality shine through in your portraits. With these tips in mind, you will have a successful and memorable portrait photoshoot!


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