Project: Nanima Homestead

Nanima Homestead is a historical heritage listed pastoral property in Wellington, New South Wales. Originally built around 1900, the federation homestead played host to notable faces in Australian history, such as Banjo Paterson and Sir Henry Parkes. The property was notably featured on ABC’s Restoration Australia.

In 2020, Carl and Jennie Palmer were restoring and renovating the property. Kitchen & Renovation Concepts Dubbo were involved in the design and installation of the kitchen, and asked myself, along with Anna Tenne Photography, to photograph the incredible space.

At the request of Abraham Damen, Director of Kitchen & Renovation Concepts, I then had the privilege of designing a full-page advertisement, including the photos, to be published in Regional Lifestyle Magazine – Autumn 2021.

This was an incredible opportunity and I’m extremely honoured and proud to have contributed to the history of this incredible homestead, however small. It’s an amazing and interesting space for anyone who might ever be lucky enough to visit.

Galleries Nanima Homestead Blue Kitchen Wide View Horizontal
Galleries Nanima Homestead Hallway Chandelier Stained Glass Door
Galleries Nanima Homestead Blue Kitchen Glass Cabinet With Scales Plant On Bench
Galleries Nanima Homestead Red Front Door
Galleries Nanima Homestead Blue Kitchen In Wall Oven Blue Cabinets
Galleries Nanima Homestead Giner Cat

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