Marketing Your Photography: Why Word of Mouth Still Matters

In 2023, we live on two planes of existence. There’s the fun, fresh, ever-changing, hyper-capital inside our phones, and there’s real life. It’s undeniable that social media has a huge hand to play in the marketing of any business nowadays, or at least, me and my social media degree hope so… nevertheless, the value of a good, old-fashioned, in-person chat can not and should not be overlooked. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how using social media as a supplementary tool alongside in-person conversation can help to market a photography business.

First, let’s talk about the importance of social media for photographers. Social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, allow photographers to showcase their work to a large audience, and to reach potential clients who may not have found them otherwise. It also allows for easy sharing of content and reviews, which can help to build a photographer’s reputation and credibility, but it can be a hassle. It’s easy to get caught up wrestling with the ever-allusive Instagram algorithm and lose sight of what’s right in front of you (behind your phone screen, that is).

While social media can be a powerful tool, it should not replace in-person conversation and networking. Personal interactions and face-to-face conversations can be invaluable for building relationships with potential clients and for establishing trust and credibility. It allows for a personal touch that social media just can’t replicate. 100% of the time, a client would rather work with a friend than a stranger – especially if they’re trusting you to shoot portraits or business material for them.

It’s a fantastic idea to leverage social media to connect with potential clients, but it’s always a good idea to follow up with an in-person meeting or phone call. This allows photographers to build a personal connection and to answer any questions the potential client may have. It also allows the photographer to showcase their portfolio and their personality, which can be a deciding factor for potential clients.

With photography, people want to know who they are buying into. They want to see the person behind the lens, understand their style, and know that they will be comfortable working with them. Word of mouth allows potential clients to hear about a photographer from someone they trust, which helps to build a sense of familiarity and comfort. A personal recommendation from a friend or family member can make the decision to book a photography session much easier, as they have already received a positive review from someone they know and trust. This can be especially important for events such as weddings, where clients are looking for a photographer they can trust to capture one of the most important days of their lives.

Social media can also be used to promote events, such as photography workshops or networking events, where photographers can connect with potential clients and other industry professionals in person. This allows photographers to build relationships and make connections within a community in a more personal and meaningful way.

Word of mouth can also help to establish a photographer’s reputation in the community. A strong reputation can attract new clients and can also help to attract repeat business from satisfied customers. A positive recommendation from a friend or family member can also help to establish trust and credibility with potential clients. This can be especially important for photographers who are just starting out, as it’s difficult to build a client base without a strong reputation. By harnessing the power of word of mouth, photographers can establish themselves as trusted and reputable professionals in their community, which can lead to long-term success and growth for their business.

In conclusion, social media can be a powerful tool for marketing a photography business, but it should not replace in-person conversation and networking. By using social media as a supplementary tool alongside in-person conversation, photographers can connect with potential clients, build relationships, and establish trust and credibility. So, don’t be afraid to put down your phone and have a face-to-face conversation. It could be the key to the success of your photography business.

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