Project: Refinery29 Street View

In December 2022, just a month after launching my photography business, I had the incredible opportunity to shoot the Wollongong edition of Refinery29 Australia’s iconic street style series, ‘Street View’. Two days of nerve-wracking work, for a relative beginner, made the world of difference in terms of me developing confidence in the job. Approaching cool-looking strangers and asking to take their photo is a head-first dive into pursuing photography as a career. I learned to work to a creative brief, approach participants and handle paperwork in a whirlwind two-day shoot in the Wollongong CBD. I was honoured to have been given the opportunity to work with a renowned youth-focused publication like Refinery29,and to represent the culture and environment of Wollongong through this series.

Galleries Refinery29 Taylor Record Shop
Galleries Refinery29 Zoe Jeans Face On
Galleries Refinery29 Zoe Jeans No Face
Galleries Refinery29 Yolanda Red Dress
Galleries Refinery29 Trio Brick Wall
Galleries Refinery29 Orange Pants Patchwork Retrogroove
Galleries Refinery29 Elton John Art Pop Up
Galleries Refinery29 Eliot Pink Crossing Road
Galleries Refinery29 Charlie Towns Shirt Lalalas
Galleries Refinery29 Chuch
Galleries Refinery29 Alleyway

Contract Photography

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