Couple Portraits

Before you change your relationship status on Facebook, you might want some beautiful photos with your significant other. You can trust me to capture your adoration of eachother and give you something to show your future kids. A way to soft-launch your new relationship in a good light to your judgey family before Christmas lunch. Research says that one good photoshoot can save a marriage (don’t look into that). Maybe your parents are approaching their 50th anniversary! You should get them a photo shoot, as a thoughtful gift!


  • 1-hour session minimum
  • 10 photographs minimum per hour
  • Maximum delivery time of 2 Weeks
  • Full Rights to photographs for personal use (see Photography Contract for more details)
  • 20% Discount for repeat customers (use discount code ‘RETURNING‘ when booking)
  • Up-to-date Vaccinations

from $300

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