Volunteer Photography: A Day at Animal Welfare League NSW

A few months ago, I found myself daydreaming about the kind of dog I would have if pet ownership were a possibility. My indulgent Google searches led me to many pictures of Great Danes, and I ended up in pure longing tears. My love for animals is not just a passing interest; but as a young renter, it’s something that I mostly get to experience through my photography work at this stage. From the playful chickens at Green Connect Farm to the fast-paced dogs at Fly-ball competitions, every animal job brings a smile to my face and sometimes, a splendid picture.

The Spark for Volunteering

In an effort to comfort me, my girlfriend, who shares my love for animals, suggested we explore local dog shelters and consider volunteering to walk dogs. In my search for opportunities, I stumbled upon the Animal Welfare League NSW (AWLNSW) website. AWLNSW offers various ways to get involved, including photography, which I found appealing. Good photos of the animals can significantly increase their chances of being adopted. Naturally, I reached out to AWLNSW.

The Experience at AWLNSW

On the day of our visit, the warm and welcoming team greeted us at AWLNSW. They took us on a tour of the shelter, introducing us to a variety of animals. We spent most of our day in the cat section, and the team gave us a list of names that were as humorous as they were endearing. Cats, it seems, don’t always answer to their names, leading to some hilarious moments as we called out to ‘Muesli Bar’ or ‘Michael’ hoping to capture a photo – some were deeply disinterested in being in front of the camera.

The Cats

The cats at AWLNSW were a delightful mix of personalities. Some were old and wise, while others were young and playful. There were the bouncy ones, the sleepy ones, and the suspicious ones. The diversity in their personalities added an element of entertainment and challenge to the day. Some cats were eager to be photographed, while others were too excited, got too close to the camera and wouldn’t stand still. Others were determined to escape their enclosures, and some hid, refusing to come out. It was a testament to their resilience and independence that we had to spend time with some of them before they trusted us enough to take their photo.

The Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

We also paid a visit to the rabbits and guinea pigs, but they were a bit too camera shy on that day. The warm weather seemed to have them in a more reclusive mood, but it was fun hanging out with them, regardless.


Volunteering at AWLNSW was a really fun and rewarding experience – it was interesting to the work they do. We had a beautiful day hanging out with the animals and the incredible team at the shelter. If you are passionate about animals and photography, this is a really great way of getting involved. Check out the adorable animals in the pictures below!

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