Get to Know Me as a Photographer: Embracing Values Through Stories

As a photographer, my journey is not just about capturing images; it’s about the values that define my work. Principles that reflect who I am as a professional and a person guide every click of the shutter. In this blog post, I invite you to get to know me as a photographer through three stories that illustrate the core values I hold dear: making clients feel comfortable and welcome, collaboration, and the unwavering passion and enjoyment I find in my work.

Making Clients Feel Comfortable and Welcome: Lamia’s Story

Being in front of the camera can be daunting. That is why I always aim to create an atmosphere where clients feel comfortable. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a client named Lamia, who had an intriguing request. She wanted a mix of family portraits and graduation photos for herself and her husband. Instead of relying solely on email exchanges, I suggested we jump on a call to have a chat to discuss her vision in more detail.

During our conversation, Lamia expressed her surprise at how easy it was to talk to me compared to some other photographers she had encountered. She mentioned that they often seemed hurried and impersonal, making her feel like just another customer. Our relaxed discussion allowed her to feel heard and valued, and allowed me to get all the details in order to make our session a pleasant and enjoyable one for everyone.

Fast forward to the photo session – Lamia was all praises for my patience, especially with her energetic kids. She said some photographers would’ve been tearing their hair out, but I was cool as a cucumber.

Lamia’s experience really showed me how important it is to make clients feel comfy and welcomed. Photography is more than just clicking away; it’s about creating an awesome experience, something folks will remember as much as the photos themselves. It’s about capturing not just images, but emotions and connections, all wrapped up in a friendly, welcoming vibe that makes clients feel like they’re hanging out with a friend with a camera.

Collaboration: Working Together with Sammie Quaver Media

I had the opportunity to be the second shooter at a wedding, working alongside Sammie, the primary photographer. At first, I thought my role was simply to capture the shots the primary shooter might miss. However, as the day unfolded, I quickly realised that being a good second shooter was about much more than that.

During the wedding, I saw how crucial it was to support Sammie through the various stresses of shooting such a significant event. Whether it was helping to organise group shots, providing an extra pair of eyes to spot perfect candid moments, or just offering moral support during hectic times, I understood that collaboration and personal initiative was key.

My willingness to communicate and assist Sammie in every way possible didn’t go unnoticed. It strengthened our partnership and allowed us to work seamlessly together. Sammie was not only impressed with my professionalism but appreciated the camaraderie and teamwork we shared.

As a result of this experience, Sammie has not only recommended me for other photography jobs but has become a trusted colleague. This story highlights how collaboration goes beyond capturing images; it’s about being a reliable and supportive partner in the field, ultimately leading to stronger connections and greater opportunities in the world of photography.

Passion and Enjoyment: Finding Fulfillment in Photography with Green Connect

In my photography journey, one of my core values is the unwavering passion and enjoyment I find in my work. It’s not just about capturing moments; it’s about maintaining a sense of fulfillment and interest in every shot. Let me tell you about how I channel this passion through volunteer photography sessions and how it has enriched my career.

One memorable experience was when I volunteered to photograph Green Connect Farm in Warrawong. I spent hours upon hours exploring every nook and cranny of the farm, capturing the essence of the place. Immersed in the world of animals, plants, and dedicated farm staff, I left feeling not only replenished but also profoundly grateful for the opportunity to be outdoors and connected to nature.

What made this experience even more remarkable was that I did it without any monetary gain. The satisfaction I derived from documenting the farm’s beauty and mission was reward enough. Little did I know that this passion-driven endeavor would have significant ripple effects.

When Green Connect used my photos, it not only showcased my work but also generated positive publicity for them. This exposure led to paid opportunities, such as providing photos for their annual report. It’s a testament to the idea that pursuing what you love can lead to unexpected rewards, both in terms of personal fulfillment and professional recognition. In the end, it’s the passion for my craft that keeps me inspired and motivated in the world of photography.


My journey as a photographer is guided by these values: making clients feel comfortable, collaboration, and finding boundless passion in my work. Each moment behind the lens is a chance to create connections, tell stories, and capture the essence of life itself. I look forward to bringing these values to every project, ensuring that your photography experience is not only memorable but also a true reflection of who you are. Thank you for getting to know me as a photographer, and I can’t wait to capture the moments that matter most to you.

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