Exploring Creative Perspectives: A Glimpse into Nick & Sandee’s Wedding through Dual Lenses

Hello, fellow photography enthusiasts! Today, I’m thrilled to share a behind-the-scenes look at a recent wedding I had the privilege of second shooting with the talented primary photographer, Sammie Quaver Media. Our collaboration at Nick and Sandee’s wedding allowed us to capture the magic of the day from two distinct perspectives, showcasing how different artistic choices can result in equally stunning photographs.

Diverse Angles and Lenses: Capturing Moments in Unique Ways

The joy of having two photographers at a wedding is the ability to capture moments from multiple viewpoints. As you’ll see in the following examples, Sammie and I both approached the same scenes with different angles and lenses, resulting in captivating images that offer a well-rounded visual narrative. For the ceremony, Sammie opted to cover the scene from the view of the guests, and I ducked and weaved around the back of the gazebo, snapping the odd picture from between the heads of the bridal party.

Example 1: The Kiss

While Sammie’s shot captures the couple’s embrace from a front angle, I opted for a side perspective. This is partly because of our positioning arrangements, but it’s interesting to see how our distance and angle changes the scene. Sammie was further back, with a different depth of field and a different lens, allowing the enchanting backdrop to play a more prominent role. Sammie’s photo captures the kiss as if you’re sitting in with the family & friends, which is not only a beautiful depiction of the moment, but also a very important and integral photo to snap at any wedding. I captured my photo from such an angle that you can see the groom’s facial expressions, and it’s cropped inward. This, alongside the thicker bokeh, offers an intimate depiction of the moment, despite the distractions of other people in the shot.

Exploring the Power of Black and White

Black and white photography has a timeless charm that can evoke emotions uniquely. That said, I’ve always championed the emotive power of a good colour palette. It’s always interesting to see how the mood of a photo might change in black & white, and how the removal of colour can alter the composition of a photo.

Sammie’s decision to keep this shot in color brings out the vibrant and exciting energy of this moment on the dance floor, when the fireworks went off. In contrast, I converted my version to black and white, focusing on the raw emotions of the couple’s intimate moment. Both approaches offer distinct narratives, highlighting the versatility of our artistic choices. I adore both images, and note that they each evoke different energies when I look at them.

Example 2: The Dance Floor Delight

Cropping and Composition: Tailoring the Story

Cropping and composition can completely transform the way a photograph tells a story. Let’s explore how Sammie and I utilised these techniques to emphasize different aspects of the wedding day.

Example 3: Holding hands at the Alter

Sammie’s composition places the couple in the center, emphasizing their quiet moment amidst the scenic surroundings. I love how the gazebo frames the couple and directs the eye. In my version, I chose a tighter crop to accentuate the couple’s gestures, tapping into a different representation of this intimate moment.

Celebrating Diversity in Editing Styles

The post-production phase is where a photographer’s individual style truly shines. I would say that Sammie and I have a similar approach to editing. We both deal with natural light regularly and aim to keep the photo relatively true to the eye. Most of our edits are almost identical for this session, which is why it is so interesting to notice where we’ve made differing choices. With Nick and Sandee’s wedding, our editing choices reflect our artistic sensibilities while maintaining the essence of the event.

Example 4: Wine Time

Sammie’s warm and vibrant edit captures the euphoria of the moment, while my cooler tones bring out a sense of calmness. Both edits evoke different moods, showcasing the power of editing in conveying emotions. Both, I would say, stand true to the scene, despite being our more contentious edit.

Looking Ahead: A Second Shooter for Your Special Day

As I reflect on this incredible experience, I’m excited to extend my services as a second shooter for future weddings. If you’re seeking a diverse perspective that complements the primary photographer’s vision, I’m here to collaborate and bring a fresh angle to your special day.

Thank you for joining me on this visual journey through Nick and Sandee’s wedding. If you’d like to explore more of my work or discuss how I can contribute to your upcoming event, please reach out. Remember, it’s the fusion of different perspectives that makes every wedding truly unique and unforgettable.


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