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A picture paints a thousand words, but I can write those words myself. If you’re particularly baffled or intrigued about photography – the blog might help shed some light.

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Ethan Jegers

Tyneesha has such a distinct aesthetic and style that manages to bring life to everything in the frame. Very fun to collaborate with as she is more than happy to discuss, and even suggest ideas, of how to best capture the photos you envision; not to mention also outgoing and friendly. I look forward to working with her again.


Caitlin Martin

I’ve always known that photography is art, but Tyneesha’s work makes me truly believe that photography is the most beautiful category of art.


Abraham Damen - Kitchen & Renovation Concepts

Tyneesha has been photographing our kitchen joinery projects for years. She has a great eye for detail and captures high quality shots that we use for advertising, social media and websites.


Kate Lawrence

We wanted some photos that weren't posed; we were looking for a relaxed experience in our home. We are so impressed with the quality of the photos and the way that Tyneesha operated. The kids felt comfortable around her, and we would highly recommend her to capture beautiful memories with your family.



Here you’ll find some of the other projects I’ve worked on, they might not be particularly relevant to what you’re looking for but take a look anyway.

My personal blog site – where you’ll find anything from uni work to music reviews, from published articles to diary entries.

Kitchen & Renovation Concepts

KRC gave me my first job in the content industry. They took a chance on a lanky kid with a camera from eBay. I have created photo & and blog content for their business over a few years.


This is exactly what it looks like – my resume. It’s online cause I’m fancy like that. I’m still collecting qualifications, but check out where I’m up to.

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