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Portrait Practice - Girl playing with hair

I got my camera for my 15th birthday, and my pretty friend Amy stayed with me that weekend to have a two-person birthday party because honestly, she was probably the only person I liked at that point…she’s not going to like me after she sees this, because I haven’t exactly asked her permission yet but she loves me, it’s all good. Amy, you’re pretty and I don’t take enough photos to fill content. So deal with it, princess.

Actually, that day Dad showed Amy the really rough plans we had for this website.

Amy, my number one and only fan…thanks, dude.

But actually yeah so far, portrait photos are my favourite kinds of photos, and this is one of my favourite people on my favourite birthday so far.

I don’t know what this is, I just had to write something, so Amy, enjoy your crown and shrine.

“This writing is in Spanish when you’re not looking.”
– Tyneesha

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