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Week 5 – Composition: Symmetry Landscape

I was only Sixteen ♫♪♪

This post is part 6 of 8 in the series 52 Week Photography Challenge for 2019


Landscape is one of the most practised type of photography. Use Symmetry in a Landscape to create a new viewpoint for this week’s image.

My Response:

So, ah, the rules on the interwebs about this challenge say that I’m not supposed to use old photos. Clearly, I have broken the rules… this photo was taken on my 16th Birthday in 2017. But look… I couldn’t find a body of water that was still enough to reflect anything this week. And it was the only symmetry idea I had. It was a hard challenge, Homies. So this is what we’re left with.

I don’t particularly like it, but 16-year-old me almost had something good going with this one.

Dear, sweet, stupid, 16-year-old Tyneesha… I know it’s been a rough day and all, but I promise you do learn how to focus a damn camera at some point soon. So, ya know, it gets better haha xx

I probably won’t cheat next week… maybe 😉

I was only Sixteen ♫♪♪
Week 4 – I was only Sixteen ♫♪♪
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