Happy Birthday to me, and this Website! (Part 1)

Happy Birthday to me and this Website Part 1 - Birthday Cupcake

I could approach this in two ways.

I could act like I wrote this on the day. That it is an accurate reflection of my thoughts on my 16th Birthday, which in theory would have to include no mention of presents, food, parties or receiving of licences. And the very polite, “OMG I forgot to get you something, I’ll get around to it”, which ends in both of us never mentioning it ever again because I’m just a guilty as you.


I could, in the grand traditions of being me, tell the unfortunate truth.

I will not be home for my 16th Birthday. I have an excursion with the school which goes for four days or so, and we leave the day before my birthday. Of course, that means a couple of things…

  • That I get a few early bday presents.
  • That I don’t get to receive guilt hugs from people who forgot.
  • That I don’t get to act like I don’t want to be sung Happy Birthday every period at school.
  • That I don’t get to spend all day with all friends and fam.
  • That there will be belated celebrations.
  • And that I could not write this on the day.

Well I mean I could, but you try holding a laptop while on a giant swing. I have bad grammar as it is.

So consider this Part 1.

Because, after four or so days away, with only like eight friends stuck with me, and considering my history of camping trips taking place on my birthday (yeah, we went to Bathurst once, it snowed, and they forgot it was my birthday and my tent got flooded and there wasn’t enough food or showers). I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of complaints to write down. So yes, a Part 2 birthday post shall be very necessary.

Every year, in the two weeks approaching my Birthday, I get really annoying because I’m like “OMG guess what’s in 14 days!” and curse you if my birthday isn’t the first thing on your mind for two weeks right?

But every year I tell myself “No, T. You shall not count down days, you shall be quiet and have trust in that you are annoying enough to have people remember you anyway.”

So, I decided to have a countdown till this website launches, which also happens to take place on my Birthday.

I’m writing this with nine days to go, and neglecting to go over all the school work I told myself I would have to before school started again and then prepare for the mountain of work I’ll have to catch up on after leaving for this excursion.

Yeah look, between school work, work, a small social life, psyching myself up for the impending taekwondo tournament year starting, this website, my Birthday and the excursion, it’s safe to say that I don’t really have the time to be going this off track with what this post was supposed to be about.

‘Picks up train of thought and puts on the other tracks’

So this website! Um, welcome to Neesh Photography? It took a lot of time, effort and brain power that I just simply do not have. It took a lot of extra confidence in myself to get to this point. So please, don’t be a hater just yet, I’m sure it’ll get better with time. Feel free to roam around the place, there’s a fair amount of work on display, and unlike the art gallery, you are permitted to touch the masterpiece, but only if you’re prepared to have your screen all smudgy.

If you need any more info about me or the site, just go to the about page, which was very hard to write. Seriously, have you ever tried to write about yourself? It’s really hard. I don’t recommend it. But you know, hopefully, I don’t come across too conceited, and if I do, please just remember what generation I apparently belong to.

Example A:

Happy Birthday to me, and this Website! (Part 1) - Kim Kardashian Paper magazine cover
Kim Kardashian – Paper Magazine

Honestly, if you know me in person, I don’t think that any of what you find here will come as a surprise. But if you don’t, please understand that I can be blunt and crude and sarcastic, but I also have a heart of gold, my head is screwed on straight, and my heart is always in the right place.

You know those photos from when you were like 12 years old and thought at the time that you looked cool, and now you’re somewhat presentable, and you look back on that bad haircut or shirt that didn’t look good at all and cringe a little? Yeah. Writing and photography wise, the content you see before you will be that for me. I can only get better, but better has to start from somewhere right?

Example B:

Happy Birthday to me, and this Website! (Part 1) - Kim Kardashian in 2016
Kim Kardashian – 2016

So yeah, I’m going to wake up on my Birthday and be really nervous about this. Consider this my self-written eulogy.

The funeral will be more lit than my birthday, evidently.

Happy Birthday to me, and this Website! (Part 1) – Kim Kardashian - Byeee!!!
Kim Kardashian – Byeee!!!

“Get it? Got it? Good,”
– Tyneesha

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