Guys Fashion, It’s not their Fault

Guys Fashion its not their Fault - KRC Showroom Opening

Okay, so I’m currently (well not now because I’m writing this) working on my personal interest presentation for modern history. I’m doing mine on the impacts of modern day ‘feminism’ on male rights. So naturally, I’ve sort of been hyper-focused on drawing out the ways in which men are disadvantaged in this world. Before anyone gets all butthurt, I don’t think this aspect is caused by the supremacy of false feminism, but I think it’s important to recognise that us chicks have it pretty well off right?

Okay, so just imagine you are 30 years old (unless of course, you are), and you pick up your ringing phone, which probably has some crazy little song from the 90’s going off. So you have to fight the urge to stop it, but you answer anyway because it’s that one chick from high school who cut in front of you in the canteen line because she was the boss and was hungry. She acts like you two were always the best of mates and asked how you’d like to come to a high school reunion next weekend. You have to act all polite and say “maybe” because you’re an adult and it’s your default setting, but after she hangs up you’re going to think “how would I like to come?”… “Maybe in some nice fresh threads?” (yeah you just used the word threads because you’re in the middle of an early midlife crisis).

If you imagined yourself as a girl there then;

  1. Come to terms with your age, you’re a woman now.
  2. You’re not a woman yet, but I won’t assume your gender… much support, you go girl/boy!
  3. You can look in your closet and pull out at least half a dozen different outfits which you could possibly wear to this thing you may or may not go to.

That’s right ladies! You have a choice. You have style. You can play adult dress-up, so you look accomplished or, play dress-up like you want to play adult dress-down. You can walk into any store you wish and buy things to make your aesthetic untouchable. You can go to Target or Channel and buy an oversized white t-shirt and that one pair of jeans (even though you own 12 pairs), wear it with heels and glorify a look which, if a male wore, then he’s a dag whose wife bought him an unnecessarily overpriced white shirt. Because we are just as clueless as you are.

Ladies, walk or scoot into any clothing shop you like, and I will nearly always guarantee that tops ⅓ of the place will be oh so generously dedicated to men’s clothing. This means not only do they have a minuscule range of options, but that these choices are presented not to the people who should hope to be wearing the clothes, but the woman who buys it for him (or doesn’t and then complains about the guy being a dag).

And then men’s clothing choices are further categorised. Over the age of 25, you will see three outfit choices presented on the male population of rural Australia.

  1. ‘Cowboy hat’, flannel, old jeans paired with a belt which often looks more sturdy than his work boots.
  2. The occasional metropolitan guy in a suit, sipping his chai latte and trying to look interesting and mysterious when really he just comes off a snooty, arrogant and like he grew up in a castle no one can pronounce the name of, and like daddy was distant, so he took love in material things.
  3. Hi-Vis shirt tradie out for lunch or being stared at in an art gallery. You have something in your beard. Might be Ash…oh no it’s just half grey.

See the thing is that girls, you could come from any economic background or upbringing, you could have any kind of personality you want to portray, and then feel free to complain about people judging you upon that personality. Guys just have what they have, or what they don’t. If both genders got the same choice in clothing, he’d probably be looking for something better to have on his arm too. (ooooh salty, I’ll leave.)

“I’m out!,”
– Tyneesha

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