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You know how you started high school and they kept trying to teach you how to make friends? You were supposed to say “Hi, my name is…, what’s your name?” and it was awkward for five minutes and then best friends for life? Well… here we go.

“Hello, world! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.”

My name is Tyneesha. It seems you have stumbled upon my blog! Please, make yourself at home, and I’ll do my best to make you uncomfortable like no one else.

This is the point where I think I’m supposed to describe my personality, and my problem there isn’t that I have nothing to talk about… it’s that I have too much to talk about.

Sometimes I talk too much, but on account of being a middle child of five, there seems to be a lot that I don’t get the time to say to other people around me, so I thought “Why not put it on the interwebs and let the world judge it?”, shocking my whole generation, I’m sure.

I’m nearly a year and a half younger than some other students in my year group, you honestly wouldn’t know with the way that lot carries on sometimes, but for the most part, I like school. English has always been my favourite. And then probably music. Music is important.

I have a black belt in Taekwondo and have competed at a national level multiple times, so I guess I could hold my own if the ‘older’ kids ever picked a fight. Or if that teacher ever gave me a D again ‘sour glares everywhere’.

I think I’m funny, but am quite often a walking cliche in the fact that no one laughs harder at my ‘jokes’ than me.

I live in Dubbo, Australia (yep I ride my Roo to school every day while fighting off drop bears and occasionally wrestling Dingo’s and Crocs. Boomerang. Hugh Jackman. Vegemite. Happy?). The biggest excitement here is the new McDonald’s playground and driving over the bridge and always seeming to be surprised when “Oh the river’s up”. But they’ll tell you we have a Zoo and a beach (Sandy Beach is just a bit of the river, I got excited too).

Some of my ideas don’t make sense to anyone but me, and then some of them should be put in a bible or something, but hopefully, they’ll make you think. Hopefully, you can adjust to my strange oddity enough to come back sometimes.

I’m going to write and take photos (and hope to do that for the rest of my life), and this site is a pile of pictures and documents to be put in the hands of whoever would like them (or not) and feel free to tell me what I could be improving on.

What I’m trying to get to is that this site would hope to provide some sort of outlook for you, and perhaps some insight for me.

This writing is in Spanish when you’re not looking,