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About Neesh Photography

Hi, I’m Tyneesha! Welcome to my photography website.

Whenever I click on a website, typically, the first thing I do is look at their about page. That might be because I’ve written enough about pages to know how hard it is to come up with something original and engaging, and I’m scouting for ideas. But usually, it gives me some context, and it answers the question – “what’s different about this particular site?”. You might have looked around my site already, but hopefully, you’ll indulge me while I give you a tour myself.

Neesh Photography has been a business in the making for a while now. It started as a personal blog in 2017, a place to publish all my rambling teenage nonsense, photography related or otherwise. Eventually, I decided to separate my writing work and my photography work. This version of Neesh Photography allows me to create and publish photography-based content and hopefully make some money doing what I love most!

There are two main aspects of the website. Regarding photography blogging, I’m aiming for something left-out-field. I won’t be regurgitating editing tips, reviewing products, or selling Lightroom presets. You don’t need me to re-format the 10 photography articles that already exist online. You can learn all that way by Googling it.

The goal of this project stands true to its name. It’s, uh… niche. I want to try to fill the remaining gaps in the photography field. I want to ask; In an age where everyone has a camera and takes photos, what value can I offer with my skills and artistic vision? The answer – surprisingly, a hell of a lot. I think you’ll find that a few of the services we offer seem like self-explanatory concepts that just aren’t being covered by many other photographers.

Once upon a time, you’d hire a photographer to get family portraits done and then hang them in a frame in your home or exile them to the family photo album. As a young person in this industry, I understand better than most how to create content suited to your online presence. I know realistically that your Instagram page is your pocket photo album.

Understanding digital marketing and social media use has a significant impact on my process for capturing, editing, and delivering photographs to be used in a variety of ways. I’m capturing content in the present age for the current era.

So feel free to snoop around the page, look through galleries of work, stalk the socials, and get in touch if you like what you see!

About Neesh Photography