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About Tyneesha

Hi, I’m Tyneesha!

Anyone who’s ever written about themselves knows how challenging it can be to summarise your entire life essence to chuck it on a WordPress page. I’ll do my best for you, though.

To summarise, I grew up in Dubbo, NSW, and moved to Wollongong when I ran out of photos to take (and finished high school). I’m currently 21 years old and studying Journalism and Communications at UOW. I’m just a left-handed middle child trying to make a name for myself.

I grew up wanting to be a writer. I didn’t want to write fiction at any point; I just wanted to find a way to represent what I saw in the world and communicate it to someone else. It’s not surprising that I fell into photography in light of that. “A picture paints a thousand words”, sure, but it takes way longer to write a thousand words than it does to click a shutter button.

I wish I could share some wise tidbits of knowledge gathered through decades of experience in the photography business, but, as I said, I’m only 21. But I make up for what I lack in experience tenfold in dedication. My camera is like an extra limb; I take it everywhere and take photos of everything. I’ve shoved lifetimes of experience into a few years simply because it’s such an integral part of how I live my life day-to-day and that dedication and detail show in my work.

Many photographers write About pages detailing their lives as working parents, spouses and business owners. I don’t have children, and I’m not married. I’m young enough to care about it so much; it’s my whole life, and I have very few other priorities. But I’m old enough and experienced enough to know how to do it right.